Sunday, 8 September 2013

How to use bluetooth in desktop PC

Make your Desktop PC as a bluetooth device and share file easy and fast.  You need to buy a bluetooth USB device, its available in your local market or online shopping with a cheap price. 
Follow the step below

1.  Connect this device to your PC
2.  This is plug & play device you don't  
     need  to install any software it  
     will install his driver automatically
3.  After installation Click on "start"  
     then click on "devices and printer"
4. This widow will appear It will 
     show your bluetooth device. 
5. Turn ON your cell phone bluetooth
5. Click on "Add a device" It will search your  
    cell phone bluetooth.
6. After your mobile shows in window, select   
     your mobile and press "Next"
7.  This window will appear type the given  
    code in your mobile and click "done" "Ok"
    this take few seconds to connect your 
    device to your PC, if message come 
    "Device driver was not successfully 
     installed" just ignore this your driver will 
8.  "This device has been successfully added to 
     this computer" After this click on "Close" 
9.  Now right click any file and click "send to" "Bluetooth Device"  
     a window will appear on desktop, select your mobile and lick 
     on "Next".
10. Go to your mobile and "Accept bluetooth share"
11. you will get file in your mobile in bluetooth folder. 

Click this video to see how its work


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