Saturday, 7 September 2013

How to Insert table in MS word 2007 with shortcut keys

Learn how to insert table in MS word 2007 with very easy  shortcut keys.

Alt +N,T,I                  :  Insert table
Ctrl+ E                       :  Center alignment
Ctrl+ R                       :  Right alignment
Ctrl+ L                       :   Left alignment
Ctrl +J                       :   Justify
Alt + A,P                    :   Insert Column & rows
Ctlr+Shift+Enter      :  Split or break table inbetween  
Alt+A,I,A                    :  Insert rows (outside table)       
Atl+A,O                      : Calculate
Alt+5 right hand key :  Select table (Switch off Num lock”)
Alt+A,D,R                    : Delete Row
Alt+A,D,C                    : Delete Column

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