Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Hide sms, video, images, contact, call logs, facebook messages

 Hide text messages, video, photos, contacts, call log, app lock, facebook messages

Vault is a most beautiful and best free application for Android users. It hide everything from your phone and give you full control over your privacy and security.Vault hide text messages, images, videos, app.lock, contact, call log, and facebook messages. You can download and install vault from google play store with free of cost. Its easy to use just you have to import data and set a password. No one can see and operate your private data without entering vault correct password. Vault monitor if anyone try to open your vault security. This is great application for those who don't want to share their private materials. Vault is most popular application in market today it has 10 million users in worldwide.
From where to download & how to use
Download vault from google play store in your mobile, its a free application and support to android. Set your unique password in vault. 
How to Import files into vault
Click on icon for import files from your mobile and gallery.
For example if you want to hide video click on video and select which video you want to hide and press ok, for photos click on photo, select and press ok, just browse and select what you want to hide and press ok.
  1. Protect Photo & video: Import your photo and video a private place and can only be viewed in Vault after entering the correct password.
  2. Application Lock : Lock your applications Skype, Email, Tango, Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, Candy Crush, any apps you choose to lock will be protected with a password, if someone try to use your locked app, she or he must enter the correct password in order to open it.
  3. Contacts/SMS/Call logs protection: Vault allow users to create “private contact”, and all messages and calls from the contact “disappear” from the phone, almost as if the contact never exists. Vault hides text message and suppresses incoming message alert.
  4. Protect Facebook Messages: Worry no more. Vault can hide the Facebook messages that you rather keep to yourself. Simply open Messages and chat privately.

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