Saturday, 14 September 2013

Swipe and shake to transfer any type of mobile files in seconds

Flash Transfer
Transfer any type of mobile files in seconds 

As we all knows transferring the files from android smartphone to another we normally use bluetooth. But today I will explain how we can transfer and share share files in seconds from one smartphone to another.  Yes I am talking about one of the most amazing android application Flash Transfer.  This application provide amazing and fast functionality to transfer and share files by using Wifi tethering.  It doesn't make any data or internet charges.  You can transfer app. images, media, file, within a seconds only.  This application transfer and share any type of file very fast like a magic.  Since this app. launch its not in google play store you can download this app. link given in bottom. 

Great Advantages    
1.  No bluetooth required
2.  No data and internet charges
3.  No wifi required 
There are two way to transfer file in Flash transfer 
1.  Transfer file by shaking phone
2.  Transfer file by swipe (swipe work only on image files)
How to download and install
1.  Click the download link in the bottom of this page
2.  Download the file (RAR)
3.  Extract apk. file from RAR with password "droidbeans"
4.  Copy and install in your phone
5.  After install successfully the icon will appear in phone drawer  
Lets see how it works
Click on flash transfer icon to open 

Click on "Connect with Friends"

Sender's click on "Create connection" and receiver will on "Scan to Join" wait for receiver joins connection. Once the sender identified, wait to receiver's device to establish connection. 

After successfully connection, app shows the both name of sender and receiver on top left corner in their both devices. 

Now you can transfer images by sliding (slide open work only on images).  Click on "Image" a 4 option menu will appear select the "slide".  Now start sliding image from left to right, this is the magic of this app. you can see image will slide in receiver device     

The second way to transfer multiple files is shake.  
Select the item you want to transfer and "shake" your mobile device within a fraction of seconds your file will be transfer to receiver device.

Remember, all your shared and transfer file shows in history tab

Watch how to download flash transfer 

Watch how to use flash transfer 


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