Sunday, 18 August 2013

Terms and Conditions of Learn New Things

Terms And Conditions of Learn New Things

If you are planning to link us with Quoting, Republishing or reprinting our articles from Learn New Things: Complete or Part, Please read our Policy.

Learn New Things Linking

You use articles from Learn New Things in your Website or Blog By just publishing one or two paragraphs with proper links to the Landing page of

Always provide a hyperlink (full URL) to the article where the quote is from and do not use techniques (like rel=nofollow), which try to hide credits for search engines. Copy paragraphs exactly, and read more… links to the landing page.

No IFRAME data will be accepted to publish by Learn New Things, by which it hides the original URL in the browser’s address bar.

Reprints for Reading is Accepted

You can reprint any of the content from Learn New Things, but Paper, Book or Magazine Publishing of our content is not allowed.

Copyright Violation and Misuse

We inform you by mail if any plagiarism occurs and you have to get solved the problems.

If we find a website or blog republishing RSS feeds or website content of Learn New Things besides the terms and conditions, we will inform you about the wrong thing done by you and if you don’t speak mutually with us we file a formal DMCA complaint as per the rules.

If you are interested in our Blog and Content just send us a mail to confirm about what you are doing with it and sure you will be supported…